Bitcoin Hedge Fund

Quantia’s Bitcoin Hedge Fund uses an algorithmic arbitrage trading strategy that makes the most of these market inneficiencies, entering a long position where price is lower, and a short position where price is higher. Our algorithm evaluates not only the spread across the exchanges but also market depht and liquidity for entering these positions at the right time.

To achieve a stable positive result, the process involves a number of complexities that require a well-considered technical and program implementation, like having deposits on several leading exchanges, specialized software that monitors arbitrage opportunities, specific properly-allocated hardware with a minimum ping, etc.
Also, risk of technical errors and delays should be minimized, as it can destroy the profit from the arbitrage operation.

Quantia’s algorithm is able to analyze hundreds of pairs of cryptocurrencies and find the most profitable chains, earning up to 2 - 3% monthly in units of BTC.

Quantia charges 30% of the Bitcoin Hedge Fund’s total return. This means clients will keep 70% of the revenue generated with their capital. Earning are assigned to clients every 30 days, usually the last labour day of the month. Settlements are done every 90 days, the same day earnings are assigned.


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