Earn, Borrow & Trade

with Quantia

Quantia Capital allows you to earn interest, borrow, buy and sell crypto. Exchange a variety of cryptocurrencies at the best prices and start earning interest the moment your trade is processed.



+8 years in fintech
+300M in Assets under Managements
+150 available in more than
150 Jurisdiction

Interest Account

  • Earn up to 9.5% APY on your cryptos.
  • Invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum or Stablecoins.
  • Starting from $10,000.
  • Interest paid daily.
  • No lockup period
  • 0% fees. What you earn is yours.
  • 100% asset-backed guarantee.
Earn Interest Earn Interest


Borrow Stablecoins from 6%
APR, without selling your crypto.
  • Starting from just 6% APR.
  • Instantly available, no credit checks.
  • Corporate credit lines available from 100k to $1M.
  • Variety of supported collateral options.
Borrow Stablecoins from 6% APR, without selling your crypto.


Instant crypto-crypto exchange
  • Swap seamlessly between dozens of crypto pairs
  • Trade at the best available market prices
  • No limit on the swaps you can make, up to
    $100,000 per single transaction

How does it work?

Easy as 1, 2, 3
  • Open a personal
    or corporate account
  • Add funds in Bitcoin,
    Ethereum or Stablecoins
  • Start

Why Quantia?

Your assets are safe

100% asset-backed guarantee

Funds are secured at all times by asset-backed portfolios of overcollateralized loans in Bitcoin and Stablecoin.

KYC / KYT compliant

We adhere to the strictest KYC and AML global compliance standards.

High yield returns with full flexibility

Users can deposit or withdraw funds at any time, without penalties.

Multi-signature cold storage

More than 90% of our assets are secured in multi-signature cold storage.

Military grade security

Our client’s information is stored and secured with 256-bit encryption and cutting-edge technology.

Experienced team

Our team is composed of professionals with more than 8 years of experience in crypto.

ISO 9001:2015 Compliant

Customer Support

Round the clock assistance.